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Coralie Clement

Date: February 15, 2005 (release)
Release: Nettwerk #30414
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Aside from the occasional Air song, I don’t consider contemporary French music worth the effort. You can spend unreasonable amounts of time wading through stacks of mindless hip-hop or slick and unsoulful pop in order to find the very few hidden gems of the French music scene. That said, you can imagine my surprise at uncovering such talents as Benjamin Biolay, Keren Ann, Carla Bruni and Coralie Clément all within the space of a year.

The last mademoiselle remains my true favorite of the bunch.  Fans and detractors alike cite her whispery voice that can give instant mood to whatever song she sings as the key to her sound.  The sexy then twenty-one-year-old first used it to near perfection in “Salle des Pas Perdus”, a jazzy, bossa nova inflected album of sweet, wistful songs that make for perfect listening as you sip your Friday evening apéro.

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