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Otis Rush

Date: 1956-1958
Release: Varese Sarabande #061077
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Stevie Ray Vaughan named his band after one of his songs. Michael Bloomfield was so moved by his music that he produced him. Eric Clapton imitated his vocal style. Led Zeppelin covered his music. For what he managed to achieve throughout his long illustrious career, Otis Rush is perhaps the most underrated bluesman in the history of the genre. For decades he was one of the great movers and shakers of the blues. It was he, along with fellow singer/guitarists Buddy Guy and Magic Sam, who in the 1950s invented what was coined the “West Side” blues sound. Each musician had his own distinct style that set him apart from his peers and recorded music that influenced a generation of bluesmen. But song for song it is arguably Otis Rush who has made the biggest impact of the three.

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