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J.J. Cale -



Date: 1972
Release: POLYGRAM #810314
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Laid-back, Southern-tinged, white-boy groove music from the early 70s. Cale is best known for having penned a string of hits covered by Eric Clapton, including “Cocaine” and “After Midnight.” His own recordings have largely been overlooked and forgotten. This album captures Cale in his most creative period, and reveals why his obscure sound is so often imitated by those in the know.

Really flows like an album should, with its own distinctly mellow vibe. This is music perfect for creaky old porches, rocking chairs, and hound dogs. The band shuffles along with a grooving country-blues edge that defines Cale’s unmistakable sound. His nimble guitar playing and mumbled singing style blend soulfully together on such songs as “I’ll Kiss the World Goodbye” and “Right Down Here.”

An understated guitarist of formidable talents, Cale steps out on Muddy Water‘s “Mo Jo” and his own tasteful “Changes.” The standout track is “Soulin’,” whose name really says it all. His songwriting skills shine on “Lies,” a gritty lament about a no-good, two-timing woman. All in all, Really is a totally relaxed and loosely jamming session by one of the lesser known greats of the 70s.


  • J.J. Cale – Guitar, Composer, Vocals
  • Mac Gayden – guitar, Slide Guitar
  • Bill Boatman – Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
  • Jimmy Capps – Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
  • Jimmy Johnson – Rhythm Guitar
  • Josh Graves – Dobro
  • Vassar Clements – Fiddle
  • Bill Humble – Trombone
  • Bob Phillips – Trumpet
  • Don Sheffield – Trumpet
  • Kossie Gardner – Organ
  • Barry Becket – Electric Piano
  • David Briggs – Piano
  • Bobby Woods – Piano
  • Charlie McCoy – Harmonica
  • Gary Gilmore – Bass
  • David Hood – Bass
  • Norbert Putnam – Bass
  • Norman Ray – Bass, Vocal
  • Bobby Ray – Bass
  • Joe Zinkan – Bass
  • Kenneth A. Buttrey – Drums
  • Roger Hawkins – Drums
  • Jim Karstein – Drums
  • George Soule – Drums
  • Farrell Morris – Percussion, Conga, Drums
  • Robert Tarrant – Conga


  1. Lies (2:56)
  2. Everything Will Be Alright (3:14)
  3. I’ll Kiss The World Goodbye (1:47)
  4. Changes (2:25
  5. Right Down Here (3:15)
  6. If You’re Ever In Oklahoma (2:04)
  7. Ridin’ Home (2:38)
  8. Going Down (3:01)
  9. Soulin’ (2:20)
  10. Playing In The Street (1:51)
  11. Mo Jo (2:28)
  12. Lousiana Women (2:56)

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